pericle_odiernaBorn in St. Albans (Hertfordshire) Great Britain in 1965, he attended Salerno's Music State Conservatory, where he graduated in clarinet in 1985, under the guidance of Maestro Angrisani. With Gianni Desidery, refined the studies of the composition, undertaked as autodidact.
From 1992 to 1993 he attended the CPM Siena classes and several workshops for chamber ensembles. Working alternately as composer and arranger, writing songs for movies, television, theater and various music festivals, as multi-instrumentalist, playing with Michael Brecker, Noa, Peppe Barra, Nino Buonocore, Simone Cristicchi, James Newton, Rocco Papaleo and many others.

Composer of soundtracks for movies and theater: "Una piccola impresa meridionale";? (A small south business) ; Fallo per papÓ" ( Do it for Dad) , "Leone & Giampiero"; Senza Amore" ( Without Love); "Asade"; Il sorriso del capo" (The smile of the boss), are some of his work. EXPERIENCES is his latest album produced by Heristal Entertainment. With the composition of the original soundtrack of the movie directed by Salvatore Chiosi Il Leone di Vetro" ( The Lion of Venice) , has won the Fauno D'Oro prize in memory of Massimo Troisi at Festival of Pompei for the best soundtrack of 2014. He also produced the soundtrack for the movie La settima onda (The Seventh Wave) directed by Massimo Bonetti, presented at the "Bifest 2015" in Bari and, for the theater, the original music of the Riccardo Reim show L'abbecedario del conte Tolstoj (The book of count Tolstoy ) in the official program of the Todi Festival 2014. In 2015 he composed the original soundtrack for the series entitled Il tuo anno (Your Year) (10 DVDs on the 50s), produced by Istituto Luce-CinecittÓ under the direction of Leonardo Tiberi. But also the music for the documentary De Gasperi, il miracolo incompiuto(De Gasperi, the unfinished miracle) by Francesco Mariotti. Between 2016 and 2017 he composed the soundtrack for the docufilm Almeno credo (At least I think so) by Gualtiero Peirce.
Also during 2016 he composed and realized the original soundtrack of "LEONARDO, the man who saved science" ( titled in english) . His activity of live concerts is also very much alive, above all jazz and contemporary genres such as the live of "Experiences" brought together around Italy with Professor Piergiorgio Oddifreddi, well-known mathematician and writer which proposes his spoken speeches, not by chance, with the music designed, written by our Pericles and performed together with Lello Petrarca and Enrico Del Gaudio.

After being the finalists' trio among the already Oscar winner Nicola Piovani and also Marco Biscarini, it was the musician Pericle Odierna the winner of the GOLDEN GLOBE prize awarded by the foreign press for the best soundtrack this year for the film, " Picciridda - With your feet in the sand ".
Pericle Odierna is not new to important awards, already in 2014, from the hands of the late Stelvio Cipriani, he had received the Massimo Troisi award of that year always for the best soundtrack and, on that occasion, for the film "Il Leone di Vetro". The "Globo d'Oro" Award is awarded by the foreign press in Italy and in 30 years of activity it has been won, among others, by Manuel De Sica, by Ennio Morricone, Armando Trovajoli, Riz Ortolani, Luis Bacalov, Pino Daniele, Pino Donaggio, Nicola Piovani; and precisely won by Pericle Odierna for the current 2020.
Pericle Odierna was born in St. Albans in England 55 years ago, brought by his parents to Italy at the age of 8, he graduated in clarinet at the Salerno Conservatory with Maestro Salvatore Angrisani, then studied composition with Maestro Gianny Desidery also attending CPM specialization courses of Siena and various other important seminars. He has written and writtes music for cinema, television, theater but also for various concert shows and has alternated his activity as composer with that of "multi-instrumentalist", both live and in the studio (wooden, brass, flutes, arch instruments, ethnic) and in this regard he has collaborated with: the orchestra of young talents of European jazz, with James Newton, Micheal Brecker, Noa, Peppe Barra, Nino Buonocore, Simone Cristicchi, Rocco Papaleo and many others. In the panorama of Italian composers of soundtracks for cinema and more generally for images, Pericle Odierna is therefore confirmed as a talent of undoubted international caliber.