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Blasfemia "Blasfemia" ("Blasphemy")
by Franco Castiglia
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01 Villanella ch'all'acqua vai (Mp3)
02 Michelemma' (Mp3)
03 Giuda (Mp3)
04 Canzone dei sette mariti (Mp3)
05 Lu guarracino (Mp3)
06 Mponte mellene (Mp3)
07 Un populu (Mp3)
08 A festa e san Michele (Mp3)
09 Mattacino (Mp3)
10 Palummiello (Mp3)

The vitality, the actuality, the modernity of Neapolitan music is absolutely shocking when compared, anywhere in the world, to any other genre and any other musical tradition.
It's a plot of many and such things that list them is impossible, but each becomes palpable and breathable even if you do not come from the neapolitan area. Even if you do not understand the idiom or the intrinsic meaning of the words, you end up with the inevitably perceiving the halo of poetry imbued with human bloodiness.
So, whether it is a piece of new composition or a piece from the tradition of the '500, the "thread" is unique and contemporary. Valid, today as yesterday, yesterday as today.
So that systematic cadences emerge phenomena such as the Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, such as Pino Daniele or Enzo Gragnaniello. The common denominator is obvious: the roots in tradition. The past, the history, the popular tradition are not abjured, but it re-launches towards the future finding the most tangible points of comprehensibility for people, men and women, young and old, yesterday and today, all taken from the same everyday life, not only interior . And what seems perhaps is not ... and vice versa.
For this reason "BLASFEMIA (BLASPHEMY)" is the most provocative and strong word not just for those who "Dare", but also for those who ... will never do it.
And a provocation is such only if it brings back to the surface what is most hidden, whatever the cost. The important thing is that there is ... I can not explain with precision and with simple and understandable words what is in this recording project (which is theater, it is cinema, it is exhibition, it is dance ... it is life), but Franco Castiglia interprets "a look" that rises from Naples and emanates "recalls" that, if they are not shared by everyone, are yet humanly perceptible.
It os not exluded the game, the irony, the most beautiful romanticism that emerges from the musical "work" of Pino Tafuto who has wonderfully arranged the whole album.
Now we could certainly say that not always the word "Blasfemia (Blasphemy)" is to be avoided ... without having to redo the critic of the "inquisition".

It feels that . is has a soul!



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