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I Have Lost My Face

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1. Tema
2. Mr. Zalzelà(Mp3)
3. Un'Orchestrina
4. Benedetta(Mp3)
5. Solo Per Celli(Mp3)
6. Per Sestetto
7. Un Clarino E Un Pianoforte
8. Rallentato (Mp3)
9. Mr. Zalzelà Nel Sogno
10. Melanconia
11. Ho Perso La Faccia (Mp3)
12. Un Cleofono
13. Elucubrando (Mp3)
14. Come Un Valzer
15. Finale

I Have Lost My Face

The history is that of celebre plastic surgeon who discovers that the lover of his wife is the young actor lying in front of him, on the operating table, waiting for one more plastic surgery. The surgeon, with the complicity of his assistants, decides to put a diabolic revenge in act. With two long and complicated surgical operations he gives to the young actor his own look, that is those of an elderly and little man, and assumes on himself those of the young most popular actor. From there the revenge is not only against for his wife but also against all the beautiful ones without talent.
A funny comedy of misunderstandings that ironizes about cult of physical beauty, both natural and artificial, which is incisive in the contemporary life, it ironizes also on dynamics of the nacional & popular entertainment and on the mutation processes of the "Italian male" at this point more and more attempt to imitate the woman in artifice and vanity and also about the changed relationships between men and women when these are "in career" and pursue the historical habits of the powerful men.

Pericle Odierna has composed for this teatrale show as composing for a real film, following the demands of the director Renato Giordano.
The result is that there is a main theme (that is "modificated" according to the moments and the situation in scene), of great popular inspiration. Like those themes created by Carlo Rustichelli or Nino Rota for films of the great popular Italian Cinema. The characteristic of Periche Odierna is the ability to unite simple and popular motives to the cultured orchestrations, as he studied classic music and jazz. Everything can become orchestra just being born from a wisseled motive. Sooner or later the Italian and the international Cinema will be aware of him, because his style and his technique are not less than of the asserted names that concur to the Oscar.


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