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Life, love and music
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1. Inno (Mp3)
2. Dance (Mp3)
3. Tema per Giulia (Mp3)
4. Ritratto (Mp3)
5. Suonando a casa (Mp3)
6. Viaggio (Mp3)
7. Valzer (Mp3)
8. Sogno (Mp3)
9. Orizzonti (Mp3)
10. Maestoso pater correndo (Mp3)
11. Ninna nanna (Mp3)
12. Jazz Paradise (Mp3)
13. Vulcano (Mp3)

In this disc there is, just like the title says, the life, the love and the... music of the composer. For Toto Torquati this is the disc of his life path until today where we can find a little of all without excluding any kind, from swing to jazz that come from his beginnings in years sixty with the mythical Carl Loffredo and the live with Lionel Hampton, Gato Barbers, Toots Thielemans and many others until the rhythim and blues from the times of the "Piper" ( a famous night club in Rome) ; from the disco of the ďFireflyĒ to the rock of the ďBanco del Mutuo SoccorsoĒ; from the author songs by Lucio Dalla, De Gregori, to that less engaged but not for this less engagin by Vanoni, Baglioni, Mina and Patty Pravo.
In this disc there is music to all-inclusive senses, adapted to every moment and at the same time descriptive o every moment

The fanciful imaes and diversely coined for everyone, are the imaginary screen to notes and the titles of the songs. It is worth to emphasizing here a phrase pronounced by Toto Torquati and that says a lot about his great sensibility and his great artistic potentiality that is melted in music; talking one day with a collaborator he said strait these words: "... iím conscious of being what iím but call me blind, because thatís what iím, and donít call me" not seeing " ( italian way to call )... because I see very well !"

Well, with its great intellectual honesty of a authentic artist, he, with this disc, makes us see better music, obviously his music. In some way it speaks us about him and the world that we live in. The thing truly interesting with this music is is that itís never over the lines, is nearly notionistical, amusing, living and comprehensible. Music made in order to feel better and then smile.

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