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AQUASANTA - Mille Universi
- Thousand Universes

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1. Nirvana (Medium)
2. Libera il tuo mondo (Medium)
3. Tagghiddu (Medium)
4. Mille Universi (Medium)
6. Luni (Medium)
7. Angel (Medium)
10. Tra Risa e canti (Medium)

The name of the group comes from the ancient name of old quarter of Palermo.
All instruments are real. All is authentic, breaths, arches, percussions, keyboards and voice. Intentionally made to recover the "true music". Te music made first of all, for the ears (than for the eyes). Their music is therefore, like the name they carry... conflicting, multi faces, policrome. Ancient, what we are today because something already we have been yesterday, emerges like when the air wrinkles the water and make great bubbles. It’s thecontinuous search in the bottom of something. As to come down in the deeper abysses navy in order to return fastly until that exploding border between water and air and via... towards the opposite one of the space infinitely towards other borders. But the "thousand universes" which they recall the Acquasanta are also those of our more intimate abysses and of our more infinites inner spaces. Micro and the macrocosmos within to a musical travel that is all in the space that we want to give to the life in order to close the eyes and... to dream. It is notonly a ethnic disc (like is said today), and it is not a only jazz or blues... perhaps neighther only POP... yes, is and yet the Mediterranean is felt. They are sicialian andthey have recorded this disc in front of the Salt Minw in Marsala, there is a lot more than one simply connotation or the print of the reminiscence origin. There is thirsty of putting together: new horizons and already breathed ones; the sounds of the sunny afternoons in the games of untiring children; the wind that swells the sails towards Gibilterra on the wake of Ulisse; the faces marked with infinite wrinkles under dark sails of widows; the never forgotten north like a engagement in the blood... and modernity, the present time, the being of this time and the time, tomorrow also always iland people that touch the continent with the hand, before the look. In this disc, "Thousand Universes" the "Acquasanta" do not have a title or a song that is more beautiful than an other. The emotion vibrates various for the various moments... also when music is emphasized repetitive as it was minibadly and then longer and separates, invents on an other topic... and then down, still, to beat again nervous until discovering more poetical and ancient thanks to a violine... or to a long thread over a famous one of fisarmonica.


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