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Mediterranean Recital
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1. Passione (Mp3)
2. Quanto sei bella Roma (Mp3)
3. Te voglio bene assaje (Mp3)
4. Fenesta Vascia (Mp3)
5. Sei bella negli occhi (Mp3)
6. Reginella (Mp3)
7. Er barcarolo romano (Mp3)
8. E’ Spingule Frangese (Mp3)
9. Fado Margarida (Mp3)
10. O’ Marenariello (Mp3)
11. Arrivederci Roma (Mp3)
12. Era De Maggio (Mp3)
13. Silenzio Cantatore (Mp3)
14. Serenata Sincera (Mp3)
15. Vulcano (Mp3)

This disc was born from the encounter, not only professional, of a group of friends who spin around the daily job of Maestro Marco Frisina. Since both Paola Cecchi and Michele Santoro, with to others, are between the most tightened collaborators of Marco Frisina.
"Mediterranean Recital" is nearly a game, a amusement on our popular music, the traditional that one that we own a lot to, in this case, mainly Neapolitan and Roman. Paola is roman "de Roma" (lives in “Testaccio”,a typical area in the heart of Rome), Michele is from Veneto but he studied at the conservatory of Naples and he’s from a long time a devoted and good judge of ancient music and the Italian tradition.
Together, Paola & Michele, they succeed to emerge moving how much more us can be in these still beautiful, poetical, living and everlasting songs.
For this reason we wanted to realize a "live" version,... in order to transmit and "to stop" (for as much as possible ),the "pathos" of a instantaneous version, nearly a "running away moment" , recorded at once.
"Mediterranean Recital" wants to be a homage to our history, that one that we certainly, also in the present time, are sons of. A moment in order not only never forget ourselves but but in order to renew to us, with the most authentic way which this music has been passed from generation to generation, and that is through a voice (beautiful), and a guitar (sage and descriptive).

Useless to emphasize here that "Mediterranean Recital" has also and above all become an event, a rich show, between the other, still many and many other songs (those inserting in the CD are 15, only a part). Also in Fiuggi, where it has been recorded this disc inside of the “Teatro delle Fonti”, at the end of the show... at the third bis it was not succeeded to send away the public!!! What a joy!

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