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1. Walking by myself (High Mp3)
2. Mustang Sally (High Mp3)
3. Hong Kong blues (High Mp3)
4. Corrina (High Mp3)
5. Before you accuse me (High Mp3)
6. Life is hard (High Mp3)
7. Thank you (High Mp3)
8. La Grange (High Mp3)
9. Mary had a little lamb (High Mp3)
10. Sugaree (High Mp3)

Do you have in mind that kind of bars andsmoky and rowdy places s where the "The Blues Brothers" was exhibited looking to offer "in name of God!"... That great film... and that generation... generation of authentic musical talents... all people that now have sixty years (for about) and still much music and rhythm in the blood to make you pale.
The blues morealive than ever and immortal... also for those who not follow it habitually, also for those that it doesn’t appeal ... is practically impossible "not to move" the body to follow rhythm (of the blues...). It’s inevitable!
The X-Ray Blues Band is Carlo Romano Ratto (voice), Dario Marcoaldi (guitar), Giancarlo Tofanelli (battery), Marcello Giuliani (bass), Mark Faustini (piano and keyboards), is that generation... daughter a little that film... of that climate... of those scents, those smoke, those beers, those risse and a lot... but a lot of blues. This is their first disc (they who were used to play alive ... in Rome in the mythical "Fonclea" place), intentionally made with the attempt to give to the sound and the taste of "alive" and is a disc made only of absolutely immortal "covers". All pieces that are an important part of the blues history abroad.
The arrangements are new, made by the X-Ray, but they do not betray the pure sense of the class, as is in the color as is in the rhythm. All pieces, written and already played, from names that are each one a myth in world-wide musical firmament, from Eric Clapton to Buddy Guy, Gary Moore to Jimmy Rogers and many others. A dragging and absolutely amusing disc, of those discs that they do not want to have the pretension of being difficult and for this is a disc made of passion... for the passion of music blues and for the unique taste and sense of life that it transmits.


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