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The best of Marco Frisina

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ascolta degli estratti

1. Chiesa del Risorto
(Ecclesial Hymn of Verona’s convention
Version for orchestra and chorus in first absolute world-wide execution)
2. Totus tuus
(to the movie TV "John Paul II") (Sample)
3. Chi ci separerà  
4. Madre fiducia nostra  (Sample)
5. O Ostia Santa (Sample)
6. Pacem in terris
(to the movie TV "Papa Giovanni") 
7. Magnificat anima mea  
8. Jesus is my life
lirycs by Mother Theresa of Calcutta 
9. Open the doors (Sample)
10. Il canto del mare 
11. Jesus Christ, you are my life (Sample)

In this disc 11 compositions of Mark Frisina are collected, if they are not as exhaustive regarding all his musical repertory , they represent an important resume and the songs are already appreciated a lot by all the his most affectionate public. A public who does not have borders by now. That’s because there is a song title in English and also because among these songs there is the splendid one "Jesus is my life" whose text (in English), was written by Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
The particularity, moreover, of this disc, is in the fact that it’s from alive (it was recorded at San Giovanni Rotondo town on May 2006 in the splendid New Church entitled to “Padre Pio da Pieterelcina”, designed and realized by the great Renzo Piano), contains all the measures of the emotions of his live concerts, they are for about ten every year in many places.
Not only, the first song "Church of the Revived one", is the recording of the first absolute execution (world-wide) of that Ecclesial Hymn purposely composed for the IV Ecclesial Convention of Verona and therefore became the hymn official of the Italian Church. Before this recording it had never been executed in public.
In this disc we can listen to the "turning out vibrating" of some songs that, if already known and even interpreted by others like "mea Magnificat anema" already sung by the Italian singer “Mina”, was never before recorded in the alive version by anyone or by the same Marco Frisina. Here, the most meaningful effect of the religious song, its sacred content and at the same time of the vital and joyful character therefore, is perceived and touched "in the sonorous effect" of the place and in the uncertain breath (even if uncertain), but perhaps for this more human, of the song choral, therefore passionate and always primordial.
This Is Marco Frisina: to be together and to sing... being with Him and rejoice.


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