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Verso la gioia - Towards the joy

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hear some clips

1. Shemà
(from original soundtrack of the film "Mosè") (High Mp3)
2. Maria Maddalena
(from the film "Maria Maddalena")
(High Mp3)
3. Dio è amore
(from original soundtrack of the film "Apocalisse") (High Mp3)
4. Pacem in Terris
(from original soundtrack of the film "Papa Giovanni") (High Mp3)
5. Sara
(from the film "Abramo") (High Mp3)
6. Rachele
(from original soundtrack of the film "Rachele") (High Mp3)
7. Don Bosco
(from the film "Don Bosco") (High Mp3)
8. Io sono Giuseppe
(from original soundtrack of the film "Giuseppe") (High Mp3)
9. Come le stelle del cielo
(from original soundtrack of the film "Abramo") (High Mp3)
10. Zippora
(from the film "Mosè") (High Mp3)
11. Giacobbe
(from original soundtrack of the film "Giacobbe") (High Mp3)
12. E' morto per tutti
(from original soundtrack of the film "Giuda") (High Mp3)
13. Veni Domine Jesu
(from original soundtrack of the film "Apocalisse") (High Mp3)
14. Una gioia nuova
(from original soundtrack of the film "Don Bosco") (High Mp3)

The compilation entitled "Towards the joy" collects for the first time some of the most beautiful musical compositions by monsignor Marco Frisina, purposely composed and recorded for theimages of some most beautiful films made by the Lux Vide for the small screen about "the Bible" films.
Between the 14 traces that compose this CD there are some, such as for example "Shemà" or “E’ morto per tutti "He dyed for all", that have never been published on disc... great pages of known music, appreciated by the great public who has discovered them only thanks to the television or the executions from the alive. It’s true that behind the reliase of "Towards
the joy" there is astrong demand from many people who estimate the music
of Marco Frisina.
"Towards the joy", in order to answer therefore to this request.
There are four new orchestrazioni that Mark Frisina has purposely realized for this occasion creating the agreements only for pianoforte and arches and the result is that, in these songs, the importance of the melodica topics can more easy be appreciated, a not trivial melancony and a mild and whispered poetical intensity...
like a breath that dusts the spirit.
These songs in particular, as all music of Marco Frisina, gives back a life sense to us and more, in this occasion, we realize how much intense and deep, always and however, his composition vein... also when the requirement of the images would seem to dim. The truth is thatthe emotion that music of Mark Frisina ends with transmitting, support the feelings given by the images.
"Verso la gioia - Towards the joy” intimate and sensorial.

Alba Romana - A homage to Rome

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hear some clips

1. Alba Romana (High - Low)
2. Saltarello (High - Low)
3. Quanno ar mattino (High - Low)
4. Arrivo dei pellegrini a roma (High - Low)
5. Portico d'Ottavia (ott.1943) (High - Low)
6. Tu sei Pietro (High - Low)

This project is born from the desire to celebrate Rome, the "Citta-Urbs" that collects in its cultural and artistic history the inheritsof thousand years, the beauty of cultures and various civilizations and the vocation of being the religious and artistic capital of the world. I have intentionally collected some compositions that I have written in occasion of important events, religious and civil ones, of the history of ours citty ofRome, beautiful and Saint for tradition and vocation. Some of these events, like the Giubileo, Alberto Sordi funerals or of the fallen of Nassirya, 50° of the Liberation and other great occasions that have affected us all and many people have asked the possibility of having in a CD some of these compositions.
The eleven songs that compose the CD are like an anthology of images and various emotions that, through the suggestions of the eternal Citty, lead us to listen its hidden song, to taste the multiple, ancient and modern characteristics, that makes Rome, asmy view, the most beautiful citty of the world. The songs follow a symbolic day, from the dawn to an other dawn, through melodie, ancient and new songs, sinfonic , sonorous suggestions, tied to places and events that have made Rome important.

Mons. Marco Frisina


Ennio Morricone
La Fidanzata del Bersagliere

Maurizio Bignone &
Cristiano Nasta


Marco Frisina
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Cecchi / Santoro
Recital Mediterraneo

Toto Torquati
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Pope John Paul II
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Marco Frisina
Verso la gioia

X-Ray Blues Band
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Marco Frisina
Alba romana

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