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Hang (la musica dei chakra)

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Hang (la musica dei chakra) "Hang (la musica dei chakra) "
music by Armando Bertozzi
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01 Gratitude (Mp3)
02 Creativity (Mp3)
03 Forgiveness (Mp3)
04 Love (Mp3)
05 Inspiration (Mp3)
06 Harmony (Mp3)
07 Healing (Mp3)
08 Strength (Mp3)
09 Faith (Mp3)
10 Transformation (Mp3)

All the songs have been composed and arranged by ARMANDO BERTOZZI

The CD package is in "digipack" format, and in addition to the audio support of the disc containing the 10 titles above, it contains a 20-page booklet with explanations of the characteristics of the percussion instrument called "HANG" and its functioning as a beneficial influence of its sounds and sounds, with respect to the so-called "opening of CHAKRA". It is therefore music that, by listening to it, of the "believe" and of any "concentration", can create a blatant state of well-being in the person.

Armando Bertozzi

Armando Bertozzi


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