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  Music from the XXI Century


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"Music from the XXI Century"

Luigi Maiello - Music from the XXI century "Music from the XXI Century"
CD di Luigi Maiello
Ascolta degli estratti

01 The Kaleidoscope (Mp3)
02 Imperial Code (Mp3)
03 Hypnosis (Mp3)
04 Strangers in the Universe (Mp3)
05 The Son of the Dark (Mp3)
06 Kabul (Mp3)
07 Tunnel (Mp3)
08 The End of Oil (Mp3)

Music from the XXI Century

"Today's idols are the objects of a systematically cultivated greed: for money, power, lust, glory, food, and drink. Man worships the means and ends of this greed: production, consumption, military might, business, state. The stronger he makes his idols, the poorer he becomes, the emptier he feels. Instead of joy, he seeks thrill; instead of life, he loves a mechanized world of gadgets; instead of growth, he seeks wealth; instead of being, he is interested in having and using".(Erich Fromm)


Ennio Morricone
La Fidanzata del Bersagliere

Pericle Odierna
Ho Perso La Faccia

Guido Felizzi e
Marco Lo Russo


Marco Frisina
Alba romana

Gian Carlo Menotti
The Consul

Maurizio Bignone &
Cristiano Nasta


Marco Frisina

Best of Marco Frisina
best of frisina

Cecchi / Santoro

Recital Mediterraneo

Marco Frisina

Charitatis Hostia
(CD e DVD)

Giovanni Paolo II
Colonna Sonora originale

San Pietro
Colonna Sonora originale

Marco Frisina
Verso la gioia

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