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Leonardo (Original Soundtrack)

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Leonardo "Leonardo" (Original Soundtrack)
by Pericle Odierna
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01 Il 1400 in Italia (Mp3)
02 Notte toscana' (Mp3)
03 Rinascimento italiano (Mp3)
04 Il mago Leonardo (Mp3)
05 Meditazione (Mp3)
06 La grande Italia rinascimentale (Mp3)
07 Cena a corte
08 La Gioconda (Mp3)
09 La cetra di Leonardo (Mp3)
10 Leonardo artista (Mp3)
11 Musico di corte
12 Medioevo (Mp3)
13 Magnifica Firenze (Mp3)
14 Leonardo (Mp3)
15 Leonardo e Milano (Mp3)
16 Misterioso Da Vinci (Mp3)
17 Leonardo in Florence (Mp3)
18 War machines

The movie

Leonardo was an extraordinary artist and inventor. But researchers have discovered, in ancient manuscripts, drawings and treatises that prefigure many of his inventions and trace back to classical Greece, the Arab Empire and even ancient China. Coincidence or plagiarism? This is the story of the making of a scientist. In this film, we blend lavish reconstructions with interviews with leading experts to reveal how Leonardo sought out technical and scientific knowledge lost to Europe in the Dark Ages and helped launch a new scientific age.

A pic taken from the movie

The disc

Pericle OdiernaThe CD contains 18 tracks and in this case, the pieces are composed in their entirety by Pericle Odierna and then, after their composition, they have been specially "modeled" on the basis of the mounting needed of the images and sequences. It is no coincidence that we "speak" of "music composed for the soundtrack of the film". They are the music that Mark Daniels, the director, defined by working really elbow to elbow with Pericle and, in this CD is proposed in it's "entirety" so without those "nuances" or "cuts" that was needed for the script to implement . Even the arrangements and / or orchestrations, in addition to the themes, are the result of a work (not simple) of characterization with respect to this going into the Leonardian Renaissance era with the eyes and the mentality of man, of a historian and of a researcher but also of the simple impassioned man of today. Pericle Odierna has thus managed to evoke in the current character of our times a bit of that mysterious and incredible Italian renaissance.

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