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Picciridda (Original Soundtrack)

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Picciridda "Picciridda" (Original Soundtrack)
by Pericle Odierna
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01 Donna Maria (Mp3)
02 Sicilia 60 (Mp3)
03 Relazioni complicate (Mp3)
04 Con i piedi nella sabbia
05 Picciridda (Mp3)
06 Lucia
07 Al mare con Lucia
08 Terra
09 Amiche
10 Maria tanatoesteta
11 La picciridda Lucia (Mp3)
12 Maria e Lucia
13 Vendetta di Maria
14 Fisarmonica lontana
15 Nostalgia
16 Confessione
17 Ricordi (Mp3)
18 Accussì (testo di Pino Ingrosso)
19 Abbagliu (musica, testo e voce di Loredana Marino) (Mp3)


"A soundtrack, these are the words of the director, with a strong emotional impact and absolutely protagonist."
Paolo Licata (director)

"An important element of the Picciridda film is the soundtrack. It makes up a big chunk of the beauty of the film. The rest clearly do the story and the actors, but believe me, while the images scroll, Pericles' music upsets and brings light to the soul ... "
Catena Fiorello (author of the book of the same name and co-writer of the film)

"I immediately fell in love with the film already reading the script. I immediately understood the way forward by writing the three main themes. When the pre-edited came, I started to adapt them on the scenes with the related elaborations. With the director Paolo Licata there was absolute understanding and complicity. After the initial "spotting" I totally immersed myself in the humus of the film. The clear characters, the captivating story, the beautiful photography, have lulled me and protected me in writing. I wrote thinking both of the great orchestra and only of instruments such as the viola, the cleophone, the shutri box; entrusting solo parts to the violin, cello and turkish clarinet. For the credits, I chose to write a song with Sicilian text written by Pino Ingrosso. I entrusted the song to the splendid voice of Loredana Marino who in the film plays the role of Zia Franca"
Pericle Odierna


Oliver Stone

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