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"Ennio Morricone performed by Movies Trio"
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1. Come un girotondo (vers. Trio) (Mp3)
2. Unico sospetto / Il clan dei siciliani (Mp3)
3. Il maestro e margherita (Mp3)
4. The mission "Gabriel's oboe" (Mp3)
5. Western medley (Mp3)
6. Canone inverso (Mp3)
7. Suite da Nuovo cinema Paradiso (Mp3)
8. Per le antiche scale (Mp3)
9. Suite da C'era una volta in America (Mp3)
10. La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano "Playing love" (Mp3)
11. Come un girotondo (vers. quintetto jazz) (Mp3)

The record

Ennio Morricone's music has a classic foundation, in the very sense and meaning of the word, and it is famous for that, even if in many versions composed by the Master and played by others, often they get out of track in many debatable ways.
Morricone is a rigorous one, always and however. Also when he makes the so-called "light music" he doesn't miss the occasion to imprint in the theme or in the harmonic part or in the orchestra arrangement, what the most emblematic comes from classic and/or contemporary music. He does it, among other things, with the mastery that can only come from the great acquaintance and the great studies from the universal musical patrimony till the most innovative and modern composers.
With this Cd we don't want only to make an homage to the composer Morricone as it would seen for most of the people a new expedient, we want also to evidence the classic matrix that is exactly the foundation of all his music.
And so here, in the interpretation of the MOVIES TRIO many famous movies themes become "something else". The amalgam not of a great orchestra but of three "soloists" instruments which are the pianoforte, violin and the clarinet, bring to light "the classic" essential of such compositions, like undressing rendering them nearly more intimate and, perhaps for this, still more moving.
In some pauses, in some long notes it is so essentially "nude", that we end up perceiving the real intrinsic complexity of some musical passages that are yet disarming in their simplicity.
Moving...of a new emotion because new or at least unexpected is the interpretation of that song that we would never had expected to be able to listen the MOVIES TRIO do. This disc is also a kind of saying that this music can be played also by others, who have a more chamber formation, without for this coming less to the essential beauty of the themes and the harmonic parts.
MOVIES TRIO is formed by Giovanni Monti (pianoforte) who is also the author of all the arrangements , Federico Vozzella (violin), Paolo Rocca (clarinet). All and three come, besides obviously from classic studies, from experiences with and inside several prestigious orchestras and from collaborations with the main composers and arrangers, both from classics and jazz, from Italy.
Usually they make live exhibitions with a program that comprises, always in the arrangement for pianoforte, violin and clarinet, themes from sound tracks of great composers like Nino Rota, Armando Trovajoli, Luis Bacalov, Nicola Piovani but also the unforgettable Piero Piccioni, Fiorenzo Carpi, Alessandro Cicognini, Carlo Rustichelli


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