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Sikilìa Farafi

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1. Konko – A vuci ru lignu (Mp3)
2. Intro (Mp3)
3. Gninabali (Mp3)
4. N’autra Natura (Mp3)
5. Tarantella Don (Mp3)
6. Nustargia r’un cantu scurdatu (Mp3)
7. Tra ‘n cantu e incantu (Mp3)
8. Kassa…ta (Mp3)

Often, when we talk about or try to define “ethnic” music now a days we usually confuse everything in the huge "world music". But, the first and the second one has, also for the intrinsic meaning of the same words, substantial differences between them.
The first one is, in the meaning of the word, a denomination of a music more purely local, witness also of an eventual evolution regarding its historical context and traditional but very circumscribed, while the second one, always in the meaning, of contextualize the contamination with other cultures, both in its primordial phase and also in its evolution in the course of the time.
This small premise is just in order to concur "to catalogue" better the this sicialian musical group, Jambosana, regarding this disc, entitled "Sikilia farafi", that is between Africa and Sicily, it wants to put in evidence all the most emblematic and historical shape of musical contamination between the two sides of the Mediterranean in its evolutionary shape. This disc cannot be defines “easy”, as well as that their greater reply happens in the most numerous exhibitions from the alive, just because emotionally more being involved for the gesture and the choreographies, also however just listening to one of the songs, we can feel how huge and ancestral are the infinite series of shadings and therefore of colours and scents, that is in the air... exactly between Africa and Sicily.
There are other two elements that render this disc interesting and are: the rhythm and therefore the use of the percussions and the glance, meant as horizon, that point that go beyond, as a desire to know and to discover who is and what is beyond the coast, more ahead and more "within". We do not forget that the primordial shape of music, in the mankind, is born with the rhythm; the percussion on the wood, more ahead then the tambours, of all the types, until modern and much refined, the battery.
The members the Jambosana, from their Sicily, have crossed the Mediterranean, have gone in Africa, without limiting themselves to the coast of this magical continent, but they have caught up its inside, until Mali, to the Burkina Faso, to the Guinea and others... and here, have attended and known the traditional musical instruments of these places and their executors... like it is said... trying and understanding.
Many of their instruments come directly from Africa, are original instruments and typical of those places, therefore also the placement and the way to play but with their “sicilianity” and their contamination.
Therefore only this way can be born today, songs like "Nustargia r' a cantu scurdatu": nostalgia of old lullaby for the children whom fell a sleep in the arms of their mothers or "N'autra nature" that speaks about as real borders do not exist, also within ourselves. In "Tarantella Don" the contamination is nearly purity mixing the African "single" rhythm with the "tarantella" from Sicily and Calabria.
This disc is a travel outside and within the Mediterranean.
It can seem simplistic but, in order to make it truly, this travel, would be enough to listen to the disc with our eyes shut... also the scents of the Mediterranean, Africa, the Sicily... they will seem real. Jambosana, in language "swaili" is a smiling greeting... a little like ours good morning or our simple... hello.

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