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  I MARC 4

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"The Beat Sound Of The Fabulous I Marc 4"


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PSYCH BEAT volum 1
Hear some clips
1. Rhum and coke (Mp3)
2. Smookie (Mp3)
3. Corsa pericolosa (Mp3)
4. Beat morbido (Mp3)
5. Indagine (Mp3)
6. Atmosfere spaziali (Mp3)
7. Trip (Mp3)
8. Suoni moderni (Mp3)
9. Inchiesta sulla mafia (Mp3)
10. Suoni distorti (Mp3)
11. Studio in chiave di basso (Mp3)
12. Tempio dei giovani (Mp3)
13. Deep bass (Mp3)
14. Boxes (Mp3)
15. Trama nella metropoli (Mp3)
16. Leslie love (Mp3)
17. Beat intenso (Mp3)
18. Distorsion-mind (Mp3)
19. Chivas (Mp3)
20. Dirottamento (Mp3)
21. Beat Generation (Mp3)
22. Compression (Mp3)
23. Attesa spasmodica (Mp3)
24. Asfalto in agguato (Mp3)
25. Candy (Mp3)
PSYCH BEAT volum 2
Hear some clips
1. Sound (Mp3)
2. Ray ban (Mp3)
3. Blues work (Mp3)
4. Kim (Mp3)
5. Happy beat (Mp3)
6. Airon (Mp3)
7. Scherzo in chiave di basso (Mp3)
8. Les (Mp3)
9. Filter (Mp3)
10. Fast bass (Mp3)
11. Base pericolosa (Mp3)
12. Mask (Mp3)
13. Sweet-beat (Mp3)
14. Ossessione omicida (Mp3)
15. Marketing (Mp3)
16. Light (Mp3)
17. Ballan (Mp3)
18. Cuore in gola (Mp3)
19. Underground (Mp3)
20. Wonder (Mp3)
21. Berkey (Mp3)
22. Incubo omicida (Mp3)
Hear some clips
1. Relax (Mp3)
2. Nichole (Mp3)
3. Pensando al mare (Mp3)
4. Amore giovane (Mp3)
5. Aspettando July (Mp3)
6. Aperitivo (Mp3)
7. Amore sull'aia (Mp3)
8. Happy man (Mp3)
9. Passeggiata (Mp3)
10. Max (Mp3)
11. Lei (Mp3)
12. Visione arcaica (Mp3)
13. Terra triste (Mp3)
14. Riposo (Mp3)
15. Petrolio (Mp3)
16. Jeane (Mp3)
17. Champagne (Mp3)
18. Canzone per te (Mp3)
19. Canone n. 22 (Mp3)
20. Canone n. 21 (Mp3)
21. Bassa Padana (solo vox femm) (Mp3)
22. Atmosfere dolci (Mp3)
23. Arcobaleno (Mp3)
24. Slow and dreamy (Mp3)
Hear some clips
1. Andrè (Mp3)
2. Samba quarta (Mp3)
3. Sketch (Mp3)
4. Agora (Mp3)
5. Alfio (Mp3)
6. Babette (Mp3)
7. Brazil sound (Mp3)
8. Catherine (Mp3)
9. Divertimento (Mp3)
10. Drumming (Mp3)
11. Flauti ensemble (Mp3)
12. Geras (Mp3)
13. Inseguimento in 5/4 (Mp3)
14. Jimmi (Mp3)
15. Key board (Mp3)
16. Luna (Mp3)
17. Metropolis (Mp3)
18. Momenti d'estate (Mp3)
19. On the rain (Mp3)
20. Peroche (Mp3)
21. Rita (Mp3)
22. Sambalto (Mp3)
23. Sambasso (Mp3)
24. Sulla spiaggia con Sandy (Mp3)
25. Summer in love (Mp3)
26. Suoni armonici (Mp3)

Il disco

The MARC 4 are Antonello Vannucchi (hammond C3 and keyboards, piano, vibraphone), Carlo Pes (guitars), Maurizio Majorana (bass guitar and electrical bass guitar ), Roberto Podio (battery). Bruno Battisti D'Amario at the guitars is an added member present only in some recordings.

The name of the group comes from the acronym of the names of the 4 founders (Maurizio, Antonello, Roberto, Carlo), all of them musicians of the "RAI" ( Radio and Italian Television Orchestra ). Two of them, Podio and Majorana, had already played previously, in the "Second Roman New Orleans Jazz Band" with "Lucio Dalla" a famous italian singer (with which in the 1962 they had recorded a long player for the Italian RCA, containing the songs "Telstar/Madison: to swingin' Time").

Vannucchi instead came from jazz, having played in the group of the of Lucca ( Italian city ) quartet with Giovanni Tommaso and Vito Tommaso (at the same time the complex recorded also songs in beat style for the Ariston Records with the name "the 4 from Lucca").

Been born essentially like a group of study, because of the remarkable technical ability of the single musicians, The MARC 4 began to collaborate with all the most prestigious authors of famous soundtracks: Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Gianni Ferrio, Piero Pigeons, Piero Umiliani, Alexander Alessandroni (in order to mention some), but in particular they collaborated with Armando Trovajoli to the point that they were known as "the soloists of Trovajoli" in fact so much so, they recorded some specific discs like the version of "Hello Rudy" for jazz quartet.

Later on the group begun to produce their own material, coming from the beat, to becoming closer to the bossa nova and the jazz, recording some long players, and also proposing them alive. They composed also for some TV commercials for example together with Mooke/Simona, in the "Controfatica" transmission, or with the two songs present in the long players "Tema di Nino/Romanza popolare", that in the 1974 were used in the Dedicato a un medico” TV series.

The single members also have had an important career as session man; moreover Carlo Pes is the author of songs, maybe the most famous is Che sarà (text by Franco Migliacci and Jimmy Fontana), that were played for the first time in the SanRemo Festival in the interpretation of the italian singer "José Feliciano" together with the Italian Group "Ricchi e Poveri". Carlo Pes has also composed all the music for the long player "Amanti di valori" of the famous Italian singer "Mina". Vannucchi instead played together with Nicholas Arigliano at the SanRemo Festival of 2005.

The music composed and realized by The MARC 4 is still today very modern, in fact some important directors and some internations cinema productions wanted have some songs of the group in famous sound tracks, that can be found also in this CD, and we are speaking about productions like "Sex in the City" and "Oceans twelve".

Ennio Morricone
La Fidanzata del Bersagliere

Maurizio Bignone &
Cristiano Nasta


Marco Frisina
Best of Marco Frisina
best of frisina

Cecchi / Santoro
Recital Mediterraneo

Toto Torquati
Vita, amore e musica

Pope John Paul II
Original Soudtrack

San Pietro
Original Soundtrack

Marco Frisina
Verso la gioia

X-Ray Blues Band
X-Ray Blues Band

Mille Universi

Marco Frisina
Alba romana

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