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The music Pompei sings is rock (a so-called Italian rock), made of guitars and angry ritmic and pleasant enought to emphasize non trivial poetical tests, comprehensible to all... like photograms of a film that describes a dream and at the same time one truth.
And why not notice of the ocean that there is under our bedroom or our great cardboard wings... why not get ourselves lost in the sweet smoke of the "harim cafè" in the hypothesis of guessing where the axis of equilibrium of the world passes...

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1. Big Sur (High - Low)
2. Ali di Cartone (High - Low)
3. Due Misure (High - Low)
4. Nervosi (High - Low)
7. L'intervista a Dio (High - Low)
8. Karma Meccanico (High - Low)
9. L'asse di equilibrio del mondo (High - Low)
10. Ho te (malgrado me) (High - Low)


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