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1. Buongiorno (High Mp3)
2. Settembre (High Mp3)
3. Verso il sole (High Mp3)
4. L'importanza (High Mp3)
5. Besame Mucho (High Mp3)
6. Sina (High Mp3)
7. Ora sei qui (High Mp3)
8. 28 febbraio (High Mp3)
9. Non è andata così (High Mp3)
10. Tempo di blues (High Mp3)

Michele Ranieri was born in Catanzaro on February 28th 1973. At the age of 15 he was already the voice in a musical group with his friends. In Rome, 1995, he attended the "Saint Louis Jazz Academy" where he graduatesin complementary song and pianoforte. He still studies song with a the private teacher Micaela Large and attends performance course: the show... music, is its covets of living.

After these "formative" experiences he classified himself the second place in the "Festival Viborock", and is semifinalist in the "Festival of the new voices of Castrocaro Terme". He ‘s also guitar playing singer in places of the roman circuit, he completes several summery tournè in numerous public squares of the center-south; entertainer in tourist villages in quality of musician, singer, cabaret man...

The new version of "Besame Mucho" (2004) already has classified to the third place in the national competition that RadioDeeJay has organized to search new interpreters to already published music.


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