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Good Fellas Syndacate vol.1

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Good Fellas Syndacate vol.1"Good Fellas Syndacate vol.1"
Virzo & Amazio Superquintet
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01 Big John (Mp3)
02 Evo
03 The Trick (Mp3)
04 Blues hology (Mp3)
05 A me me piace 'o rrock (Mp3)
06 Miss Magic (Mp3)
07 Italian Garage (Mp3)
08 Re-Start

"In the old way" does not mean "out of fashion or out of time", if anything, the sincerity of the "analog method" should be emphasized, due to that electronics that are still very "controlled", therefore completely subservient to the ideas of the most anxious virtuosity humanly.

This is jazz! Pure and simple, albeit with vague assonances and winks at the "fusion" temporally closest to us. Sounds, music, ideas. all so true and so sincere that it disarms anyone with respect to the absolutely timeless positioning of the inventions of these great music professionals. Because innovation cannot and must not be such at all costs ... if you want to force, you inevitably end up screwing up on yourself with big doubts which then leaves you to be incomprehensible. In the music of this record you can enjoy the taste of that something that does not escape direct but not simplistic understandability, precisely because it is characterized by the spontaneity and the captivating and "restful" (!?) Desire to be, deliberately, good " old "jazz. tout-court.

And Thanks God ... that it is! (P.P.)


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