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  Lettera al Presidente

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The Elements

"Lettera al Presidente"
Danilo Caposena
Ascolta degli estratti

01 Lettera al Presidente (intro) (Mp3)
03 Genio galeotto (Mp3)
04 Partigiana brasiliana (Mp3)
06 La moglie del poliziotto (Mp3)
08 Il brevetto del palo (Mp3)
09 Miseria decorosa (Mp3)
10 L'Indovino sardo (Mp3)
11 Lavoratore ignoto (Mp3)
12 Un sarto (Mp3)
14 Le gambe della speranza (Mp3)
16 L'attesa della luce (Mp3)
20 Ventilatori lunari (Mp3)
21 Gli astronauti bambini (Mp3)
22 Omaggio a Chopin (Mp3)

From the original soundtrack movie
(Lette rat the President)

directed by

musiccomposed and orchestrated by

a production by
Madeleine Srl / Istituto Luce-Cinecittà Srl

publishing by
Heristal Entertainment Srl

Rome Film Festival 2013


The realization of the music of " Letter to the President " was a wonderful experience but also a great challenge ,friendship and the now long-standing working relationship with the director (Marco Santarelli ) that were the perfect fuel for this adventure.

The challenge has been to create more than 20 different songs that accompany many letters and characters , trying to keep a thread but without using a unique "theme", to be declined in several scenes as such it is customary to do in the composition of a soundtrack in "classic" style.

Faced with such a variety of characters, stories and settings in my opinion it was impossible or perhaps I should say simplistic, use a single style for the sound, so afters several attempts , my choice was to mix the best sounds orchestral atmospheres with each time different , from ambient , to electronics to sampling , each specially " stitched " him to every single character .

At some time of the work I realized , almost without intending to, that i had composed a theme for each character , as I feach letter was a micro- documentary , a small glimpse in space and time on someone's life , a life that for me, deserves more than a " variation on the maintheme " , which is why each letter and / or character has his music.

And this is what I think is the greatest strength of this work, the evocative power , the variety of sentiments expressed in each letter , able to move , if only with images , even the most aloof of the spectators , because each letter is a piece of history of Italy and also , consequently, a small piece of us .

Danilo Caposeno

Composer, bassist and sound designer, graduated from Saint Louis College of Music, author of soundtracks for films, documentaries and television commercials.

Since his childhood passionated of photography, and therefore notable to separate the music from the pictures, the soundtrack finding the perfect combination of motion picture film and pentagram.

The nostalgic atmosphere and orchestral over time have become his trademark, butt his has not prevented him from venturing into the icy depths of electronics as well until pure experimentation in the Berlin period.

Music for images in the broadest sense of the term, a music that evokes the images, not simply to accompany them.


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