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music by Enzo Amazio & Pino Tafuto
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01 Giga (Mp3)
02 Enea (Mp3)
03 Danza del Re (Mp3)
04 Megaride (Mp3)
05 Sabbia (Mp3)
06 Partenope (Mp3)
07 Mosaico (Mp3)
08 Delfini (Mp3)
09 Madame (Mp3)
10 Come d'incanto (Mp3)
11 Lontano da te (Mp3)
12 Promenade (Mp3)

Enzo e Pino Enzo e Pino Enzo e Pino


with ENZO & PINO, respectively all the guitars and the piano and all keyboards, they also served:

  • Costantino Artiaco (bass)
  • Enzo de Rosa (drums)
  • Pino Ciccarelli (soprano sax)
  • Simona Amazio (french corn)
  • Savio Arato (vocalist)
  • Mixed and recorded at the "Apple Tree Studio" Naples
  • Photos by Marco Serri

When a friendship is born, when born between two talented jazz musicians and more between two Neapolitan, all the musical experience of two stories in their own way parallel port to a record like this. There is obviously Naples, as an air that is felt inside that line of new contemporary-jazz sound Naples. No coincidence that the title of this album is just "MEGARIDE" as the small island in front of the old city of Naples on which it was built Castel dell'Ovo. "Jazzisticamente speaking however, there is perhaps more than for other typically Italian jazz musicians, most noticeable the influence of the great jazz musicians North and South Americans last thirty years. Miscellaneous exciting and opens up space virtuosity longer seen as fun. The "twists" of "certain" complications or culturally learned sought are in the background of "simplicity" and "sound" maybe not particularly innovative, but simple, pleasant, no speculations ... to make music and listen in peace.
Castel dell'Ovo, the oldest castle in Naples, which is always there ... and it's nice that there is.



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