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  Paradiso, Paradiso

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The Elements

"Paradiso, Paradiso"
di Mons. Marco Frisina
Ascolta degli estratti

CD 1 02 Preludio (Orchestra e coro) (Mp3)
CD 1 03 Il pozzo di San Filippo (Giorgio Albertazzi) (Mp3)
CD 1 04 Il pozzo di San Filippo (Orchestra e coro) (Mp3)
CD 1 05 Le tue indie sono Roma (Giorgio Albertazzi) (Mp3)
CD 1 07 Riceve lo Spirito Santo (Giorgio Albertazzi) (Mp3)
CD 1 08 Riceve lo Spirito Santo (Orchestra e coro) (Mp3)
CD 1 10 Sarai… sarai (Orchestra e coro) (Mp3)
CD 1 12 Paradiso, Paradiso (Orchestra e coro) (Mp3)
CD 1 14 Ritorno alla vita (Orchestra e coro) (Mp3)
CD 2 01 Gli appare il demonio (Giorgio Albertazzi) (Mp3)
CD 2 02 Gli appare il demonio (Orchestra e coro) (Mp3)
CD 2 04 Guarda dentro ar core (Paola Cecchi) (Mp3)
CD 2 05 State buoni se potete (Giorgio Albertazzi) (Mp3)
CD 2 08 La gioia di Filippo (Orchestra e coro) (Mp3)
CD 2 10 Le facezie (Orchestra e coro) (Mp3)
CD 2 11 Paradiso… Paradiso (Giorgio Albertazzi) (Mp3)
CD 2 12 Un volo verso il cielo (Orchestra e coro) (Mp3)
CD 2 14 Paradiso, Paradiso – finale (Orchestra e coro) (Mp3)

Why an oratorio concert.

When Philip Neri created that community made up of prayer, singing, pilgrimage and lots of fun in the Roman basilicas he wanted to call it "Oratory", ie a place of prayer. In fact St. Philip came up with something even bigger and more complex, culturally and religiously capable of influencing not only his contemporaries but also the future. In fact we call "oratory" even the kind of sacred composition, that started from Philip Neri, in which the music coment and “tells” in it’s own way, the great biblical stories or the lives of saints. Many masterpieces were written from this insight and lots of music has comforted, inflamed, made pray and move the hearts of men.
This composition wants to be in line with the intuition of Philip. From the stories of the extraordinary witnesses of those adventure that tell us anecdotes of his life, I wanted to do a musical tribute to the light, that light spiritual experience and at the same time offer a serene and joyful reading of life, as well as San Phillip has lived it. In a time of crisis and pessimism is good to look to the sky, the sun behind the clouds, the innocent child that is often hidden within us and that we have forgotten in some remote room of our soul. It will be a witness to those events to tell a child now grown up and that perhaps the years, the sufferings, mishaps and turmoil of life, have made it more disillusioned and pessimistic. But it's nice for him to remember and find that joy, that lightness, that desire to fly and smile and be able to tell that innocence that gave him so much peace.
Each story is counterpointed by a piece of music in which the protagonists are the joy and smile, in which you feel strongly the smell and atmosphere of Rome, its popular and noble soul, light-hearted and poetic: the City that Philip adopted with much love, he who was born in Florence, and turned with his smile making it "sing" with his faith and his love of light. I wanted to use a musical language extremely simple and transparent, trying to express the soul "naive" of Philip, and also the listener to draw a smile today, so jaded and "adult", raising up from a bit 'of sadness that sometimes obscures our horizon.
There is a word that occurs frequently in this composition: Paradise. I think it is good to repeat it, even for a non-believer, even for those who think they live their own private "hell", even for those who believe that there can not be such a place, but also for those who wish, for those who would like to find the lost child in the depths of their hearts. For one night we smile and look towards Philip’s sky.

Monsignor Marco Frisina


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