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Radici e Ali

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Radici e Ali"Radici e Ali"
music by Enzo Esposito
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01 Napulitanata (Mp3)
02 Canzona appassiunata (Mp3)
03 'A rumba de' scugnizze (Mp3)
04 Fa bene e scordate (Mp3)
05 Munasterio 'e Santa Chiara (Mp3)
06 Maruzzella (Mp3)
07 Indifferentemente (Mp3)
08 Dicitencelle (Mp3)
09 Che lle conto (Mp3)
10 'O bene mio (Mp3)
11 Guaglione 'e miez' a via (Mp3)
12 Pe 'tte (Mp3)

poster radici e ali From 1884 to 2003 are 119 years of Neapolitan music and poetry, albeit at a flying angel, retraced in twelve songs. The choice of each of these songs came from my heart instinctively. There are many others that I wanted to play on this record, but I had to choose and I have chosen what I 'jet - to footprint "sing ... for my mom.

There was, however, a far more upstream choice, and that of my life as a singer and artist who feels "sanguignamente" the need to look back, to the ROOTS of the great Neapolitan music (which is the largest Italian Music), looking a way to draw a "line" to demonstrate how not only turning his back to our last, we can have a future and spread our WINGS again.

I am the son of our time and the earth of Naples, and I want to be with that bit of tradition and innovation, old and new that you can mix. Epper "The bel canto" is a phenomenon that does not die internationally, sometimes you take a little personalistic, but what is, is because historically exudes the soul of mankind in the context of more natural poetically.

Each of these twelve songs hides and reveals facts, lives, one or more stories. They are the expression of authors, first of all, absolutely great. I can not forget that their songs are really what their eyes, their ears, they have seen, heard and lived up to "release" as a picture of a painter or sculptor monument still a "sign" that is d 'Art.

And 'my thanks, my respectful homage to poets and musicians such as: Salvatore Di Giacomo, Giovanni Ermete Gaeta (E.A.Mario), Raffaele Viviani, Egidio Pisano, Giuseppe Cioffi, Enzo Bonagura, Renato Carosone, Salvatore Palomba, Nino D'Angelo; ma anche un omaggio alle voci quali quelle di Sergio Bruni, Mario Abbate, Giulietta Sacco, Antonio Sorrentino, Gilda Mignonette and many others.

Enzo Esposito


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