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The Troublemaker

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The Troublemaker"The Troublemaker"
From the original soundtrack
music by Luigi Maiello
Hear some clips


01 In the belly of the whale (Mp3)
02 The moustache man (Mp3)
03 Blue labyrinth (Mp3)
04 The dance of the chairs (Mp3)
05 City lights (Mp3)
06 To south (Mp3)
07 The wind of hope (Mp3)
08 Nothing will change (Mp3)

Notes on the movie

To explain what the documentary film is about, from which comes the original soundtrack composed by Luigi Maiello, we use the worlds from the website of the movies production:
"For over a year, we followed the most unlikely President of the United Nations General Assembly, Father Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann - a Nicarguan priest, a revolution theologian excommunicated by John Paul II in the 80s and recently re-eastablished by Pope Francis, an advocate of the developing world, a reformer. With a front row to how the UN dealt with some of the most severe crisis to have rocked the world in recent years, the programme reveal show D'Escoto tried to change things, and sheds light on the UN's opaque mechanisms.
We show how in the only global government we have, the best intentions are thwarted, but also the disfunction, the pettiness, the power dynamics that have over time rendered progress impossible."

Directed by Roberto Salinas A production by "GA&A" Rome (Italy) - © 2014.


I Marc 4
The Beat Sound Of The Fabulous I Marc 4
The Beat Sound Of The Fabulous I Marc 4

Ennio Morricone
La Fidanzata del Bersagliere

Marco Frisina
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Pope John Paul II
Original Soudtrack

San Pietro
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X-Ray Blues Band
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Marco Frisina
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