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by Pericle Odierna

01 Experience 1 (Mp3)
02 Experience 3 (Mp3)
03 Experience 4 (Mp3)
04 Experience 5 (Mp3)
05 Experience 6 (Mp3)
06 Experience 7 (Mp3)
07 Experience 8 (Mp3)
08 Experience 9 (Mp3)
09 Experience 10 (Mp3)
10 Experience 11 (Mp3)
11 Experience 12 (Mp3)
12 Experience 13 (Mp3)
13 Experience 13 (Mp3)





Experiences is fundamentally a dialectical confrontation between the body, the mind and the knowledge gained through study and listening. Is my rational use of the science of sounds, encrypted way of communicating mediated and meditated.
For me, music is essentially science, message and time, because it is, by its presence, communication between humans and their environment, a social expression.
Is therapeutic, purifying, inclusive, liberating.
Experiences, using thirteen episodes talks about my inner genuine monologue.
Informations held in the deep memory in which even those who are listening can hear their senses, their esperiences. It reflects a reality in motion, constantly evolving, a Metamorfosis....

...Perhaps for the following speculations or perhaps is simply a random choice …In musical writing thirteen is the number four, one musical octave higher. Thirteen is also one more than twelve, the old number to express completeness.Thirteen is associated with the end of a cycle, as in the fact that there are thirteen lunar months in a year and thirteen astrological signs for the Celts and the Native Americans. So while thirteen foretells new beginnings, it also means that the old must end in order to facilitate the changes required.Thirteen is also 12 +1: the number of the initiate.
One musical chromatic octave is composed by 13 different sounds (even if the first and last notes are the same but in different octaves).In sacred geometry thirteen symbolizes eternal destruction and creation of life. Thirteen also has an astronomical significance in the fact that the sum of the first 13 numbers results in 91 that is the number of days in a season.

a list of instruments used to make the music of experiences ...
noise sampled at a factory; percussion; drums; soprano and bass clarinet; alto, soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones; trumpet; trombone; alto and baritone horn; alto flute; ciaramella; cleofono (a instrument invented by me); melodica; erhu; accordino; harmonium; piano; fender rhodes; electric guitar; mandolin; synthesizers;AKAI EWI 1000; elettric bass; doublebass; cello; voices.

(Pericle Odierna)

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