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  "La Cometa"


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"La Cometa"

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03 Quando morirò(Mp3)
04 Aeroporto (Mp3)
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07 Una canzone (Mp3)
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09 Topolino Topel (Mp3)

39 years after, the album of "REALE ACCADEMIA DI MUSICA" is out on vinyl.

What happened in the world in far away 1974 in order to wish the arrival of a new comet… perhaps like the same one that 1974 years before had illuminated the nights of our planet.
But… , in this history there is a but, because “The Comet”, a long play of one of the loved Italian groups “prog” most loved in those years, never did not came out (ever), and that swarm of notes and foretelling feelings of waiting for the arrival of a new comet lost in the archives of then the great RCA.
Also Halley passed without that “The Comet” of the “Reale Accademia di Musica” (Real Academy of Music) could rip the sky of our musical planet.
But now, perhaps like stone masses and gas that suddenly appear from the deeper and farther places of our universe, “The Comet” do the “Reale Accademia di Musica” (Real Academy of Music), comes to remember us what was and what is still today, in its imperturbable connotation, the Italian “prog” music. The one many are recalled but that nobody in effects make, excluded some of the protagonists then remained still on the rubble.
For onor of report and just historical reconstruction, a musician who worked with “Reale Accademia di Musica” (Real Academy of Music), has realized a pair of discs alone recalling himself to the name of the group but without having nothing absolutely in common with music “prog”, of with the historical members of the group.
This of “The Comet”, instead, have the entire group formation from the historical members of the band and for obvious musical characteristics that are faithful to sonorous timbres and their way to perform on the Italian musical scene. This was their true second disc, all together, but it wasn’t published because of a series coincidences and lack of attention from the record house. Quickly after the group break up, Henryk Topel (the leader), worked in RCA and he realized with and for the Italian singer Nada that fantastic entitled disc “1930: Il domatore delle scimmie”, also Federico Troiani continued by himself approaching himself to the group of artists around Riccardo Cocciante and before with the RCA and then with the Ricordi label, and then with others (before unfortunately he left prematurely), pieces of a sure interest and a sure importance have given us.
Thanks to Henryk Topel and Stefano Fournier this disc recorded in 1974 and never published, sees the light at a distance of 38 years, in an historical moment in which all the world is covered from those same rumors, agitations and vibrations that in those years '70 characterized not only a generation but, for better or for worse, also a lifestyle and a way to think about things.
In this disc there are 9 pieces of which two entirely orchestrated, the sound, also in its digitalization and masterization have been carefully “maintained” like that one of first years '70 (when everything was still analogical), and for this perhaps more beautiful of the amassed sounds of today. For this “The Comet” from the “Reale Accademia di Musica” (Real Academy of Music), is coming out, as it would have done, in vinyl waiting 180 gr.
There is obviously also the version in compact disc, but in order to only allow to listen to the pieces also for those who do not have the possibility to enjoy them through a good Hi-fi system and with a plate “old way”.
Old way or not, you will find in notes and in atmospheres, in the texts and images of this disc a pulsion still today in vogue and new, more than it can be imagined.


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